Tips on how to choose the ideal reflow soldering products

At present, the brand new craze of SMT procedure would be to call for reflow soldering to undertake additional innovative heat transfer techniques to attain strength preserving, uniform temperature, and acceptable to the welding needs of double-sided PCB and new unit packaging methods. The quality of reflow soldering contains a quite close romance with all the devices, which can straight impact the production procedure. Guangshengde reflow soldering listed here to share along with you?

smt reflow oven

Ten temperature zone reflow soldering devices

1. The width in the conveyor belt need to fulfill the maximum PCB measurement demands.

Decide on mesh belt width in line with PCB: PCB 200MM mesh belt application opt for 300MM, normal: three hundred 350 400 450 500MM 600MM The much larger the width is, the greater the reflow soldering energy are going to be, so selecting the most appropriate one particular will be the most critical.

two. Heating time of solder paste

The temperature of your reflow soldering products ought to stick to the requirements on the solder paste. The solder paste company ordinarily supplies a fairly wide window time for every stage of the reflow curve: preheating and consistent temperature time 120 to 240 seconds, reflow time sixty to 120 seconds / liquid higher than time. We identified which the regular full heating time of 240-270 seconds is often a great and comparatively conservative estimate. For this straightforward calculation, we recommend which you ignore the cooling method in the welded profile. Cooling is vital, but normally will not impact the standard of soldering unless the PCB is cooled too quickly.

three. Length and number of heating zones

The lengthier the heating zone size and also the increased the number of heating zones, the better it is actually to regulate and handle the temperature curve. Typically, 5-6 temperature zones are picked for small and medium batch manufacturing, plus a reflow furnace using a heating zone length of about one.8m can meet up with the necessities. Furthermore, the temperature on the upper and decrease heaters ought to be independently managed in order to modify and manage the temperature curve.

four. Optimum amount of return plates

Assuming you really need to load the boards end-to-end within the conveyor with the reflow soldering gear within the maximum ability, it’s effortless to determine the maximum output. Such as, when your circuit board is 7 inches long plus the belt speed of your 6-zone reflow oven ranges from 17.9 inches to twenty.two inches for each minute, the most throughput of this reflow soldering is two.six to 2.nine circuit boards per minute. Basically, the upper and decrease circuit boards are going to be soldered in about twenty seconds.

Additionally towards the higher than things, there are various other things to think about. For example, double-sided board and guide assembly functions will affect the effectiveness of reflow soldering. Guangshengde reflow soldering reminds shoppers to settle on the right reflow soldering equipment according to the genuine condition in their possess manufacturing facility as well as output of other processes.

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